Bucket List

*A flexible list that will change as I do.*

Sky dive

Take a photography class

Take a trapeze lesson

Swim with dolphins and/or sharks

Be a bartender

Go to Thailand

Table Mountain hike in South Africa

Go to Burning Man

Complete Scuba Diving certification

Take a cross-country trip

Meet a penguin

Bring friends to farm in Colombia

Drive up the Coast of California

Watch the sunrise in Israel

Helicopter ride

Ride a hot air balloon

Climb a 14er

Take a surf lesson

Take a sailing lesson

Own a boat

Have a pet duck

Have a house with a wrap around porch

Get a photo of the day on one of my favorite Instagram pages

See the Northern Lights

Put up my hammock on every continent

Backpack the Grand Canyon 

Volunteer in another country

Pass on the family farm to my children

Be a dog walker

Salkanty Trek, Peru

Hold a monkey

Meet Ellen Degeneres

See the Lumineers live

Banff National Park

Visit all 50 states

Live in Colorado