About Me



A 20 something year old with an insatiable thirst for adventure. Most of the time, you can find me reading a inspirational non-fiction in my hammock, playing cards while sippin’ a wheat beer at a local brewery, or enjoying frosé on a city rooftop. I’m a nerd for a good cup of coffee, only made better by good company. I’m constantly appreciating the little things while pondering the meaning of life. I thrive in adventure, and prefer living my life outdoors where shoes aren’t required. But don’t get me wrong, I treasure my collection of Vans fit for any occasion. I’ve got a small tribe that I would do anything for, and am always down for some good conversation or an adventure. I believe this life is beautiful and I intend on living it fully until my last dying breath. I choose to travel humbly, immersing myself in cultures and living the full experience of a new place. My dream career involves photography, travel, and making a difference.