Two Roads Diverged…

If you have followed my story at all, you know that I have been lucky enough to be a part of a family that yearns for adventure. Not just taking trips, but pushing boundaries in a way that’s thrilling and eventful. These journeys are often incredibly humbling.

We recently took a day trip through the mountains of Colombia in our 1946 Jeep Willys. The journey was what you would consider “off the beaten path.” Several times, the car got stuck in deep trenches and it took everything in us to get it out.

We encountered little to no cars along our journey, but we did encounter very small living spaces. Mind you, these roads were tough to manage for our Jeep that’s meant for this terrain, so it’s tough to think about the getting to and from these houses into civilization. We enjoyed so many incredible views and the journey was incredibly humbling. When we live in a fast paced world full of technology, convenience, and everything we need at our finger tips, we seldom stop to think about those who don’t enjoy the same luxuries. And although many of these people are perfectly content with their situations, it’s empowering to empathize with them in order to gain a holistic perspective on the world.

To wrap up the journey, we spent about three hours in the dark, rain pouring, with no windows or doors on our car. The trip was exhausting as it took every muscle in me to keep from being thrown out of the car.  However everyone was too content with the unique adventure we experienced to be too concerned, and I fell asleep that night joyed knowing that I pushed my limits to live my dash.



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