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Traveling is something that’s been engrained as a value in my family from a young age. Right next to honesty, respect, and responsibility, I was always taught the importance of experiencing culture.

I was born in Colombia, so my journey to the United States was my first out of the country trip. From there we traveled back and forth several times. My first time to Europe was to Madrid, Spain, on a family vacation. At that age museums and tours were not only unbearably boring, but they were how I defined “traveling.”

During my college career, I had the opportunity to push my boundaries of traveling past a family vacation. After my first solo trip on a Study Abroad to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, I was bit by the travel bug and began itching for more. After my undergraduate graduation, I backpacked Europe for about 2 months and really began to understand my love for the world.

Although I saw some incredible places and was immersed in beautiful cultures, I began to realize the humility of what it means to travel. Sure, enjoying a cup of coffee in an Italian villa and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea off the edge of Santorini was great, but what the pictures don’t show is how humble traveling can make you feel.

When I decided I wanted to begin this blog, getting started was tough. How was I going to separate myself from the hundreds of people blogging their incredible adventures all over the world? I took the time to think about traveling as a holistic entity and decided I wanted to paint the story far beyond the incredible views. Because it’s not always a pretty journey, and you will meet people that have faced significant hardships in a way that will sit you down and reassess yourself. Travel is a powerful force and I believe that this humility is what truly brings together the people passionate about embarking on these humble journeys. I want to portray the entire picture- the beautiful views, but also the incredibly powerful experience that is to travel.

Stay tuned for more!IMG_6801.JPG

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